Terry Cutts had a dream.
As a boy he wanted to become a publican. As a grown man he wanted to raise his family in Caledon. As a resident he wanted a place where all his friends and their families could meet and take part in the "Caledon cultural experience."

Chef Cutts has earned his honorary designation and his gold medals with teams representing Canada in international competitions such as the W.A.C.S. world cup and The Culinary Olympics. Before the first meal is served at the church, Cutts vowed to only use the finest of local ingredients, and prepare each dish with an infusion of passion and creativity. "The products of Caledon's farmers & food artisans will be represented on every plate" - TC.

In 1865, St. Alban's church was constructed in the hamlet of Palgrave as a community gathering place for celebration. In 2013 the church will be restored, renovated and the site built on for the same purpose. the church is committed to serving farm fresh foods made from scratch. And Our unique decor in the old church hall with it’s open kitchen & tasting bar will create a memorable dining experience. Our friendliest of staff will make you feel welcome and relaxed whilst showcasing home grown musical talent. Come experience farm freshness with friends and families. We also invite you to take advantage of the space and book a private party !

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